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BRUSH WITH BAMBOO Adult Toothbrush

BRUSH WITH BAMBOO Adult Toothbrush

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Brush With Bamboo - Brush With Bamboo Adult Toothbrush - 1 Each Unit - NPN: 00000000 -- This Bristle is PLANT BASED! 62% Castor Bean Oil -( made in the USA), is used in this soft comfortable Bristle. This fact sets BWB apart from any other Bamboo handled Toothbrush. Our Bamboo handle, is highly sustainable, and pesticide free, and is Giant MOSO Bamboo which is not on the Panda Diet in China where it grows wild. Quality control is maintained by the Manufacturers Family and overseen to ensure fair labour practices. www.kmhtouches.comNatural - Capillary action of the Bristle absorbs more plaque than nylon. Contoured shape of our Bristle. Biodegradable Factor. Superior clean. Reduced plastic footprint. Will last longer when stored in open air.

INGREDIENTSGiant MOSO Bamboo is used exclusively in the handle. Bristle components are 62% US grown Castor Bean and 38% nylon - added only for strength, to adhere bristle to handle. ( This is the minimal amount of nylon allowed by the FDA Restrictions). It's as close as we can get! To ALL NATURAL
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