A Key Supplement to Lower Cortisol


 This mighty but unknown supplement has been on my supplement shelf for about 20 years. Phosphatidylserine, is a fatty substance produced in the body and protects all our cells.  At one time this supplement was difficult to come by on store shelves so high intake of this nutrient required many egg yolks and selected other food sources. With many years of research Phosphatidylserine has shown to be very beneficial in the role of physical and mental health. It has been noted to improve cognitive functioning, memory, mental focus, anxiety, depression and mood.

Aside all these benefits, my interests lie in its ability to significantly protect against the rise of cortisol. With keeping cortisol levels in check - athletic performance, muscular endurance, faster muscle recovery and possible bodyfat reduction are all positive side effects.  In my personal experience I have found that  a minimum of 300mg of Phosphatidyserine prior to physical activity provides greater stamina than without. I have supplemented on the higher end between 500mg - 800mg owning to some of my greater workouts and recovery time.  With any physical or mental stress during your days this little supplement may help you balance out cortisol levels and even improve sleep quality.  I highly recommend this product to try and see how it works for you.